PHP List is an open source email campaign manager.

By using PHP List, email communication becomes extremely easy and affordable solution for keeping the customers and clients informed about events, product offerings, different schemes, etc. PHPList is used to send email such as newsletters, press release and marketing campaigns to a list of subscribers. Following links may help you to download and install phplist;

How To Install PHPList on cPanel

PHP List Features

  • Open Source
  • Newsletter and email marketing software
  • Economical and Scalable
  • Successful Permission Marketing
  • A powerful list manager with flexible integration
  • Feature Rich designing and sending
  • Own your data, protect privacy

PHP List Advantages

  • PHP-list is a one-way email announcement delivery system.
  • PHP List is best for newsletters, notifications, publicity lists, and many other uses.
  • PHP-list keeps sending messages from your web server, even after you shut down your computer.
  • PHP-list can manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • It is easy to Install via Fantastico, FTP upload, or SSH.
  • Subscriber Preferences. Personalized URLs is always mentioned in every email message for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe.
  • Bounce Processing keeps your database clean as it removes unused and non-existent email addresses from the list.
  • In PHP List Attachments can be uploaded and can be downloadedfrom messages.