Email Tips

  • Define Clearly the topic and purpose of Email Marketing.
  • The email to be sent should contain relevant images of the topic.
  • The design, text, fonts & images should be "Eye catchy".
  • The purpose has to be "high-lighted".
  • Subject line must be short, not common & should be understood.
  • Email should contain – Name of the Contact person, Postal Address, Email, website, Landline & Mobile Numbers.
  • Disclaimer is necessary for every email sent.
  • Unsubscribe link should be also be sent with every email.
  • Email tracking code is necessary for every email to know the success ratio of the email sent.
  • Spam score should be low for the designed email.

Bulk Email Marketing Tips

  • Use maximum of 200 to 500 maximum emails data list at a time or allowed by your ISP. Always keep a gap of at least 1 to 2 hour between email campaigns.
  • Use verified email data list. Do not use purchased email data or unverified email data instantly to decrease the ratio of spamming and blocking.
  • Subject line of email campaign should be in small abcd and no spam words such as discount / offer / special / promotional etc...
  • Use very less number of images in email campaign design. Email design template width not more then 600pixel.
  • Do not send email campaign without send a testing or cross verified.